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Re: using spamassassin in an isp environment ?

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I've thought several times about using DNSRBLs, but I don't know nothing about 
them... Do you recommend them to me? Are they difficult to add to my 
sendmail? Any doc where I can get more info about them?

Thanks in advance

El Miércoles, 9 de Abril de 2003 09:48, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder 
> On Tuesday 08 April 2003 20:25, Markus Welsch wrote:
> [spamassassin]
> > since it's written in perl it will be a huge performance decrease, right?
> The biggest problem with spamassassin is the startup delay until the
> interpreter is loaded and the perl program is compiled. Running with
> spamd/spamc should make the load manageable in most cases, given enough
> RAM.
> Depending on your setup, you may want to use spamassassin in the delivery
> agent instead of content_filter and allow your users to tune spamassassin
> (ask on their mailing list, IIRC there were some webfrontends under
> development).
> Filtering for only some domains: you probably can do it by defining a
> content_filter enabled transport in master.cf and a transport without, and
> using a transport table to direct mail to the relevant transport agent
> depending on the domain.
> I recommend putting some DNSRBLs in front of the system; for me the
> blacklists catch >80% of the spam and only the remainder is piped through
> spamassassin, this lessens the load massively (I think I can say that
> although load is not a problem in my system - too small).
> DNS lists I use right now:
>         sbl.spamhaus.org,
>         list.dsbl.org,
>         relays.ordb.org,
>         spam.dnsrbl.net,
>         proxies.blackholes.wirehub.net,
>         korea.blackholes.us,
>         china.blackholes.us,
>         ipwhois.rfc-ignorant.org
> No false positives that I know of, so far. I think about adding spews
> (spews.relays.osirusoft.com, IIRC), but you probably don't want this as
> they are quite aggressive. I also don't recommend using the spamcop list to
> block (I use it from spamassassin to tag mail), as they are too trigger
> happy (OTOH erroneous blocks disappear quickly, too).
> Depending on your policy, you may want to add some of the dialup
> blocklists. As I send mail from my dialup link regularly myself, I don't
> use these. OTOH I can understand people who do this.
> If you have some very important people you never want to lose connectivity,
> make sure to whitelist them, so you'll not get trouble if they land on one
> of the blacklists.
> cheers
> -- vbi
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