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port blocking

I'm trying to lock down my server, which, for historical reasons *has*
to run the various nis services.  No problem, I'll just block the ports
that ypfrx, yppasswdd, ypbind, etc bind to.  However, it seems that they
choose a different port each time.  As I don't want to switch to the
'block everything, only open needed' methodology (too much overhead to
keep all my clients working), how do I force the various nis services to
use only certain specified ports?  Looking at the man page, some of them
take a -p switch, but putting that into the /etc/init.d/nis file in the
--exec line 1) doesn't seem to work and 2) would be overwritten by the
next upgrade (iirc, the init scripts are not marked as config files).
Any ideas?



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