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Mail Server Authentication

Hi all,

I am currently working on installing a new mail server for a small number of
users (50-100).

I do NOT want the user account details stored in /etc/passwd, and shadow.
I want to be able to have the following mail addresses as seperate mailboxes.


Using a database such as postgresql or mysql seems overkill for such a small
number of users. Only three users on this box need shell accounts.

I also need support for 'SMTP Auth' (tls)

After some investigation, it seems that the 'best'/ easiest solution is to use
Cyrus and Postfix.

The issue seemed to be that everyone had there own authentication method, and
Cyrus provides both IMAP and POP3 saving me the trouble of installing yet another

So therefore I tried to get it all up and running using the SASLDB.

Unfortunately there seems to be no STABLE version of cyrus-sasl.

I don't want to start installing 'unstable' packages, as I have found it in the
past to be a path with no return. 

Before I try and get it working, by compiling the packages myself, I wanted to know
if anyone has this setup running. Does it work properly? Has anyone had strange
experiences with the CYRUS maildir format?

or should I just stick to 'sendmail, qpopper' and use /etc/passwd?

Thanks for the thoughts


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