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RE: Mail server

Your question is certainly quite vague, but here are a few things to think

What mail delivery program are you thinking of using and are you planning on
providing pop3 and/or imap service?  Imap requires more processing power to
display the mail folders, but it depends on the software again.

What kind of disk quota are you thinking of setting for your users?  Email
can take up a lot  of space, and outgoing mail also needs to be stored in a

In terms of processing/memory requirements, I'd suggest pentium II (400MHz)
upwards with at least 512MB ram.

Email doesn't really need much processing, but does take surprisingly large
amounts of disk space.

The disks are probably the limiting factor in what hardware config you are
looking at.

Hope this helps,

Colin Ellis
Solution City Ltd

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Can anyone give me any figures on how much machine I need to serve as a
mail server for N users?

I appreciate that every server is unique, but I can't judge these things
for the life of me, and if I had baseline numbers I could modify them to
suit. \:

I'm looking at a thousand users, but anything would help.

Asher Densmore-Lynn <jesdynf@almostcosmic.com>

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