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Re: webmail

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 14:34:26 -0600 (CST)
"Rod Rodolico" <stargazer@dailydata.net> wrote:

> I am using SquirrelMail to provide web based e-mail for my clients.
> I used to use NeoMail and have investigated phpGroupWare.
> SquirrelMail also has a(currently broken) nice calendar and some
> other add-in modules which is nice.
> Any suggestions of other packages I should investigate?
> Also, I use usermin to give clients the ability to modify passwords,
> vacation replies, etc... (maildir support stinks, however).
> Suggestions on this would be appreciated also.
> Rod

I've recently begun using Openwebmail (I Believe it's based on
NeoMail) and have been_very_ satisfied with it. Multiple
authentication schemes, pop3 support, virtual hosting support,
flexible configuration, Calendar (Though the calendar isn't very
pretty). Every time I think "oh man, I wish it did this" It turns out
that it does and it's just a config option away. 

Openwebmail can even (If configured properly) allow users to
change passwords and such. 

Dustin Douglas
Free The Lapland Six!!!

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