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Re: Oracle 9i on Linux

Oracle/Linux expert. Well, I installed it 8.something once a few years ago :(

First, it is not fun. Second, don't put anything other than Oracle on the
box . . . it positively does not play nice with others.

As far as the install is concerned, it was pretty straightforward, but the
configuration was a royal pain. I remember thinking "wow, this is great"
when I was installing, but all went downhill from there.

If I remember correctly, it works best if you place the different parts of
Oracle on different partitions. I don't remember why, and I may be getting
it mixed up with the Windoze Oracle installs I've done. I did the install
on a Deb box.

Are you aware you can go to tech.oracle.com and, theoretically, download a
copy of it. If you have a spare box around you can install on it and have
a better feel for what you are getting yourself into.

I trashed the install after I had done it and put postgre on instead. I
mainly did it to prove I could. postgre plays nice with others.

If you have any problems and can not find someone with more recent
experience, write me and I'll try to help.

Remember, all this was a couple of years ago, so I'm assuming things have
changed a bit.


> Does anyone know much about Oracle on Linux?  If so can you please give me
> some quick advice on how difficult it is to install, whether it runs well
> on
> Debian, etc.
> Also I am particularly interested in an overview of how the different
> Oracle
> processes interact.
> I have a potential opportunity to make some money from such work in a
> couple
> of weeks, so if there's an Oracle/Linux expert looking for work then
> there's
> possibilities there too...
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