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Re: debian friendly unmanaged hosting joints?

I really didn't want to use this excellent mailing list as a sales platform, but it seems like there are several interested parties looking for Debian-specific dedicated/managed hosting stateside.

Our firm does just that. We are Debian-specific, in that we really don't promote other distros or OSes nearly as much (only if requested). Pricing is $195/mo. for 30 GB of bandwidth. Full data-center amenities, such as 10 day battery backup, diesel generator backup, dual DS-3 capacity, environmental control, etc.

With our dedicated server packages, we also give you access to your own power control so you can power-cycle your server as you see fit. We will also do full monitoring of ports/services/intrusion and nightly backup, if you so desire, (although most on this list seem like they're perfectly capable of doing that themselves.)

So that aside, feel free to contact me off-list if you'd like more information. Our web site is currently being revamped, so some of the info on there is out of date. Here's the contact info:

Eric Jennings
Loopshot, Inc.
+1 (775) 856-3455

Once again, my apologies for those who may not be interested, but I thought I'd mention it since several have asked about firms offering Debian servers in the U.S.


On Monday, February 17, 2003, at 01:56  PM, Jamie Penner wrote:

Wish they were in N. America!  (or someone like them!)

At 12:46 PM 2/17/2003, you wrote:

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003, Brett Parker wrote:

> >      http://www.positiveinternet.co.uk/
> isn't that www.positive-internet.co.uk?

The address works with or without the hyphen; with or without the www.
(That's the sort of attention to little detail you get with them.)

>  one of the maintainers of the debian packages for apache2 works
> there, he has clue

Not only that, but when chatting on #debian-uk one night, I got instant service from one of their employees for a question about their service I had,
that just cropped up in the course of conversation.

Very, very "Debian", all round.

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