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Re: debian friendly unmanaged hosting joints?

Martin Wheeler <msw@startext.demon.co.uk> wrote:
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> On 17 Feb 2003, Duncan Robertson wrote:
> > We are looking for simple unmanaged hosting service that provides Debian
> > 3.0 as the baseline.
> >  Right now this seems to
> > be a commodity market, IF the Linux distro of choice is Redhat. But has
> > anybody had any luck with ones willing to install Debian?
> Positive Internet in the UK is _excellent_.
> (I have nothing to do with them commercially -- I'm just an exceptionally
> satisfied customer.  Their service level is second to none.)
>      http://www.positiveinternet.co.uk/

isn't that www.positive-internet.co.uk? they do seem to be really rather
good, one of the maintainers of the debian packages for apache2 works
there, he has clue, so, all in all not a bad place to go for. the
pricing doesn't look bad either.



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