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Re: debian friendly unmanaged hosting joints?


not sure whether this would help: here in Europe, there's a quite big provider "HostEurope" which offers Debian Installation only at the German-speaking web pages (www.hosteurope.de). From the international site www.hosteurope.com as well as from the French one www.hosteurope.fr, you always will be offered RedHat.

So I think they can do the Debian job, but for some strange "marketing reasons" or so they won't tell - you but in some countries. May be other providers act the same way, and may be knowing this could help you...

Debian has been offered by HostEurope only for some months or so, before that you could only get SuSE (or Windows, but in this list we're not talking about junk, are we?), which is the Linux market-leader in Germany.

Additionally, I had to strongly ask them for installing only a base system without selecting the half the "tasksel"-options ;-) But then they did it fine, I'm happy now...

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At 17:23 Uhr +1100 17.02.2003, Duncan Robertson wrote:

We are looking for simple unmanaged hosting service that provides Debian
3.0 as the baseline. No handholdy support needed (thats what we do!),
just a solid server in a well hooked up data centre, and someone to hit
the big red switch on short notice if (for some reason) it comes to

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