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Re: debian friendly unmanaged hosting joints?

> > It's better than being subversive and saying something like, "I am a
> > _very_ _happy_ customer of company XYZ.  They rule!!!!"
> What's 'subversive' about such a statement when it's perfectly true?
> [Or do you just naturally have a suspicious mind, and a deeply cynical
> attitude to the statements of others?]
> Presumably the _only_ sort of statement whose veracity you would either
> or trust, is one of the: "Product XYZ sucks!" or "Don't buy ABC!"
> What value does the positive statement hold in your life view?

I think what he means is... if the ISP posts and says that it is "very
good" and other things like that... basically pretending to be a client of
itself, in a manner of speaking.

That would be "subversive"... sort of like conning people into believing
that tens of people like your service, when in fact it may be the
employees going around posting such messages. I've seen ISPs do it
before... very commonly, in fact. And I think (but I could be wrong) that
is what he means by "subversive".

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