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Quota and LDAP, again.

I remember discussion about storing quota information in LDAP, i've
actually found some good solutions for the LDAP Schema from google

I remember few suggestions, one which involved a nscd like daemon to
cache quota information fetched from a database. 

So far there hasn't been any solutions that, atleast not that i've
heard, were put to use. I'm have to implement some sort of solution in
the near future, and i'm looking for experiences on how (or if) this has
been done in other systems.

I also came up with a new solution for the problem today, i saw someone
planning on writing a pam_quota, and it might be a viable solution for
this issue too, extending pam_ldap to modify the quota while logging in
(if it has changed ofcourse) or to create a pam_quota_ldap module for
standalone usage.

Any ideas?

   Sami Haahtinen

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