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Re: debian friendly unmanaged hosting joints?

I just bought the hardware and installed Debian, then put it at a colo
site. That seems to go over pretty well. $100/mo, and they have someone to
push the button if necessary. They (www.cihost.com) have been having some
router issues recently, but if they every get those fixed . . .

This is my second colo provider, and for both I've just bought a box and
put it out there. For the first one. I used an old tower I had sitting
around. For this one, I had to buy a rack mount case. plinkusa.net sells
those pretty cheap but I have not tried them so am not suggesting you use
them. It is just that they sell for around $70 what others sell for $200.

If this idea appeals to you, let me know and I'll give you the spec's on
my box. It's been up for a couple of years and I haven't had to do
anything yet. I'm now getting paranoid that some of the hardware may die


> Hi,
> We are looking for simple unmanaged hosting service that provides Debian
> 3.0 as the baseline. No handholdy support needed (thats what we do!),
> just a solid server in a well hooked up data centre, and someone to hit
> the big red switch on short notice if (for some reason) it comes to
> that.
> Currently evaluating one provider who look good on paper but their
> respnse times and reliability has not been good. Right now this seems to
> be a commodity market, IF the Linux distro of choice is Redhat. But has
> anybody had any luck with ones willing to install Debian?
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