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Re: Disconnected IMAP, possible?

Netscape 7.x has this feature available under Linux, and I believe under
Windoze. The "Offline and Disk Space" property of an account allows you
select one or more directories to be copied locally.


> Hi,
> Are there email clients in Windows that will support disconnected IMAP
> operation?
> Basically our client would like to use IMAP for all of it's advantages but
> they'd also like to have messages cached on the local machine so that in
> disconnected situations they can still read/search their email.
> I'd always thought this was possible but so far I haven't found the
> options to
> enable it, mail seems only to be available while connected to the server.
> Do other clients (Eudora, Outlook, Netscape, ???) support a feature such
> as
> this?
> Thanks
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