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RE: Apache DocumentRoot as symlink

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> From: Rod Rodolico [mailto:stargazer@dailydata.net]
> Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 5:56 PM
> To: debian-isp@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Apache DocumentRoot as symlink
> Been playing with this for a little while. I need to set up my Apache
> DocumentRoot to be a symlink on the devel box. Any clues? I can do a work
> around, but it would be really nice to just use symlinks.
> I have set up followsymlink under the permissions for /, and under several
> other directories, and given permissions (very, very lax ones) to all of
> the directories I would be linking to, but still no joy.
> Any help would be great. BTW, I know never to do this on a production box.

I have vhosts set up using symlinks, so I know it will at least work that
way. I was running out of space on /var for my developer stuff, so I made
/var/www/developer a symlink to a directory on a much larger drive. The
difference here is that the main document root /var/www is not a symlink,
only the virtual host directories below it are.  That may be the key to
making it work, using vitual hosts.


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