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AW: Bandwidth monitoring

Fraser Campbell wrote:
> Hi,
> When installing servers in a colocated environment what do people
> suggest for monitoring bandwidth used by virtual hosts on that server?
> Traffic will be http, https and smtp.  I'm hoping this can be
> accomplished without dedicating an IP to each host/domain (with the
> exception of https of course).
> Thanks,
> Fraser
We use mod_watch (http://www.snert.com/Software/mod_watch/) for apache vhost
accounting. Works good, but looses some bytes and/or requests when
restarting apache. But much much better than parsing apache logs. Works with
any vhost (http or https) and provides an snmp-like table for accounting. As
with everything apache logs, it's not really accurate (the size of the
request itself is not logged), but that's ok.
For smtp traffic, most of the time it's not really neccessary to monitor,
or, at least, not worth the effort. Although I'm thinking about having
syslog write mail.log to a pipe, and parse the logs in realtime to a


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