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Re: Weakest point of a server?

On Fri, 07 Feb 2003 07:32, Rich Puhek wrote:
> Jason Lim wrote:
> > But how about the motherboards themselves? Is it often for something on
> > the motherboard to fail, after 3-4 years continuous operation without
> > failure?
> Normally, I'd say no on this point, particularly if the server is
> continuously running. 

I would agree most solid state components like motherboards should last 
years, I would suggest the weakest point would be cheap capacitors, just how 
you research a board to avoid this I dont know.

> > Or is there some other part(s) we should look out for instead... would
> > the CPU itself die after 3 years continuous operation? Or maybe RAM? Or
> > even the LAN cards?

no, solid state.

The biggest risk is mechanical failure. The two mechanical parts are Hard 
drives and fans. Failure of the cooling fans allowing parts to overheat has 
to be watched for One of the weakest ones seems to be the nasty little fans 
on the high end graphics cards, ive had enough pack up to be concerned. So 
when picking parts look for static heat sinks and good cases where possible I 
would suggest.

For hard drives, hardware raid mirror the boot disks and at the very least 
raid5 the data disks, if you have the $ then RAID1+0.

Given the life of a server is probably 3 to 4 years I dont know that there is 
really any PPM (planned preventative maintenance) possible. I would suggest 
the most likey areas to spend money on are external, 1) A good UPS 2) a clean 
environment 3) Air con / air tempering ie keep the box below 24 Deg C



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