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Re: dhcp3 and next-server

I could be wrong but it is my understanding that the TFTP has to be the same machine as the DHCP server. Certainly that is the onbly way I've ever been able to get it working.

At 21:14 1/02/2003 +0100, andrew@2sheds.de wrote:
hi all,

Am using dhcp3-server and have noticed that the 'next-server'
option doesnt seem to work when booting of 3c905tx-m cards with
PXE or via their own mode with DHCP... it works however with

have also tried 'server-name, and option tftp-server-name'...

For some reason the machine keeps trying to access the TFTP server
on the DHCP Server machine (also the gateway) instead of on the
TFTP Server....

am I setting the wrong option? I >THINK< that this worked with dchpd v2

Any ideas



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