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Re: Time servers (ntp) wanted

It's good news that ntp.org is willing to support this. As I read you last
accounce mailing I understand that they think this has a greater potential
then though of reading your request for support.

Let see how this grows, as I think this could be a good step in the right

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 02:45:10PM +0100, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder wrote:
> Old-Return-Path: <avbidder@fortytwo.ch>
> [oops. Wanted to post this to both -project and -isp]
> time.fortytwo.ch round robin DNS
> I just wanted to say how great the Debian community is: within three
> hours of the announcement here, I had 5 volounteers offering their
> timeservers. Any other timne servers willing to join are still welcome
> :^)
> Update: the time.fortytwo.ch will probably become the pool.ntp.org
> project in the near future and thus become a bit more 'official'. Yay!
> Mailing lists for the interested: timekeepers@fortytwo.ch and
> timekeepers-announce@fortytwo.ch (see http://fortytwo.ch/time)
> cheers
> -- vbi
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