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Re: hard- or software-raid?

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 21:40, Dave Watkins wrote:
> > > to hardware failures a Hardware RAID card will almost always detect a
> > > failed (or failing) drive before any software based system would. In
> This was with an Adaptec SCSI card. I'm not sure how it detected the error
> (may have been SMART related),

SMART can be done just as well by software as by hardware.

> but it told me there was an error so I
> swapped the drive and ran the diagnostic software over the drive. It came
> back clean so I reinstalled the drive and it failed again an hour or so
> later.

Drives that mysteriously stop and start working as you move them around are 
not uncommon.  It's a fairly typical symptom of failing hardware that any 
sort of bump may cause the problem to appear or disappear (consider the 
practise of hitting a failing TV).

I think that if Adaptec had some advanced method of recognising a failing 
drive then they would boast about it in their marketting documents.

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