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100% Debian based Cyber-Center in Strasbourg


Curently I am in creation of my Cyber-Center in Strasbourg, 
which is origialy only for Internet and Office... 

But now I am interested in Net-Games... 

Not only some Game-Servers. I like to use Linux-Game too. 
Are there some like 'Counterstrike'... 

I like to install my own Game-Server on a Athlon 1400 with 
512 MByte which must server up to (very rar) 30 Clients in 
the local 100 MBit LAN. 

Oh yes, I have found only Action-Net-Games for WinSuck 
(Server maybe on Linux) but no Linux-Clients...

Are the Games only in english or are ther some in german 
and french (very important for the French-users :-P ) ? 

Thanks for any informations... 

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