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Re: Network Diagrams


El mar, 21-01-2003 a las 19:45, Wayne Tucker escribió:
> Greetings,
> Does anybody have any recommendations for a good network diagraming
> program?  I'm starting to get used to Dia, but I'm just wondering if
> there are any others out there that I haven't come across.

I cannot recommend other programm, but I am interested in creating, or
having created a set of shapes for Dia, which can be used for
diagramming networks.

They should support propierties, just like the UML shapes, so you can
"route" the icons.

Connection should also support properties: fibre, UTP, etc.

We use IRM to register our computers, where the Computers, Hubs,
Switches and Routers can be "interconnected" in a database.  We use a
simple script to generate our DHCP-Configuration from there.

Beeing able to generate a Dia-Network drawing from the database, or vice
versa, load the IRM database from the Dia-drawing would be a neat
feature which can be implemented on top of these shapes.

Best Regards,


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