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swapon not run at boot with raid drives

Hello All

I have picked up a problem with my servers running potato + raid 1 
mirror drives.

The problem is as follows:

-   raid gets out of sync for some reason, 

-   server gets rebooted, 

-   raid re-sync process starts automatically on boot, 

-   start-up scripts look for and detect re-sync process and refrain 
    running swapon. (see /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh and

-   raid re-sync completes but swap drives are not mounted and stay

>From what I can see this will happen on a  Woody system too.

Is this a bug, or is there something I am missing? 

What are the pitfalls of mounting swap partitions while the re-sync 
is running? 

(I normally size the RAM in a server such that the swap space is 
never used. But there is always some script which uses "sort" or 
something in a manner which overflows into swop space. This makes the 
problem worse as it only normally comes to light when the weekly or 
monthly cron scripts are running, and nobody is around to pick up the 

Any ideas?


Ian Forbes ZSD
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