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Re: Squid + Data accounting

I'm grabbing all their data, but what I want from squid is how much it's
pulled down for each IP not counting what it's handed back from cache if
you see what I mean.

On Sun, Jan 19, 2003 at 05:11:39PM +1000, Brad Lay wrote:
> This is what I do, but I don't use squid to do the accounting, I do it on
> a per-IP basis, that way I get a more accurate account of the usage (ftp?
> kazaa?). I use netacct-mysql <http://netacct-mysql.sourceforge.net/>
> Check it out, pretty dahm sweet. If you're still bent on doing it on a
> squid level tho, I'd suggest these few squid log analyizing programs.
> calamaris - Log analyzer for Squid or Oops proxy log files
> sarg - Squid Analysis Report Generator
> Regards,
> Brad Lay
> (brad@coombabah.net)

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