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Re: kernel version

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003 17:33, Ana Paula Sabelli wrote:
> Hello, I´m installing a server for an ISP, we had Red Hat and I decided to
> change to Debian. I installed from floppies and then from the internet, the
> kernel I have actually is 2.2.20-compact. My question is if I have to
> upgrade the kernel.

I've recently upgraded four ISP servers that each have 250,000 mail boxes to 

2.4.20 has a few features that offer better performance for disk IO which 
2.4.19 lacks.  2.4.x has many performance related features such as better SMP 
support and faster networking which is really handy for an ISP environment.

Of course if you're running a small ISP with a few thousand users then 2.2.x 
will probably deliver all the performance you want.

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