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Re: Dell 2650 servers

* russell@coker.com.au (Russell Coker) [2002.12.27 11:02]:
> I'm currently working with some new Dell 2650 servers.  They seem quite nice, 
> 2*Gig-E on the motherboard, keyboard, monitor, and USB connectors both front 
> and back, 5*U160 hot-swap hard drives with hardware RAID, and redundant 
> hot-swappable PSU's.
> The ones I've got have 73G hard drives (giving 220G of RAID-5 storage with one 
> hot-spare), 2* 1.8GHz P4 CPUs, and 4G of RAM.
> One problem I have is that the PCI dual-ethernet cards don't seem to function 
> properly.  I've pasted in the dmesg output below.  What happens is that they 
> do very slow transfers (much slower than 10baseT) and seem to eat up lots of 
> CPU time (can make the entire machine uselessly slow).

I had to pleasure (this servers are powerful!) of configuring a few of
these a few months ago.  I had the same problem under RedHat 7.3.  I
ended up grabbing the latest version of ethtool and messing with the
setting a little.  I forgot exactly what I changed that fixed it, but
it's working fine now.  So give ethtool a shot, but make sure you have a
newer version.  Thanks
Cameron Moore
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