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Re: Dell 2650 servers

On Fri, 27 Dec 2002 18:23, Eric Jennings wrote:
> I have some clients running a couple of these servers in our cage.  I
> remember they mentioned that they had to find some external kernel
> module to get the gig-E NICs working correctly.  They were using Redhat
> 8.0 though, and so I dunno if Redhat had other modules/code installed
> to support it.  Redhat kernels can approach "bloat" sometimes, IMO.

The Debian package bcm5700-source can be used to build a package of the 
module.  However this does not support linking the module into the kernel 
(for an nfs-root image).  This is a minor annoyance for me as I'd like to 
setup an nfs-root recovery process for my servers...

> It sounds like you're having problems with NICs on a PCI card though,
> and not the motherboard network interfaces, right?

Correct.  It's Intel duel-100baseT network cards in the PCI slots.

It doesn't matter a lot for me though as most of the machines don't really 
need more than two Ethernet ports.

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