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Tools for analysing web statistics.

Hi All,

I would like to know what your experiences are with analysing web logs. I
am currently testing Webalizer and Lire but if anyone has any others they
could recommend then I would be interested in hearing your experiences.

We currently host multiple sites using the apache mod_vhost_alias module.
I then use a perl script to split the main access log into access logs for
each site. After that I have written a shell script to run webalizer on
each access log for the individual sites, I am busy figuring out Lire and
would like to try that with lire. Lire can generate pdf docs (amongst
others) as well so that makes it attractive.

The problems I am having with webalizer is that is will inexplicably stop
generating html output but still be processing the log file, so sometimes
a site will have stats stopped at a certain date. I then grep out the
offending date and re-run webalizer and it works fine. But this does not
always work and I need a reliable logs analysis tool.

I would much appreciate any comments anyone has.

Cheers, Fred.

Fred Clausen - Systems Administrator
Unique Interactive, part of UBC Media Group plc
Winners of the 2002 CRCA NTL New Media Award

T: +44 (0)20 7453 1677 F: +44 (0)20 7486 5081

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