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Re: Unexplained rebooting

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 10:45:45AM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> unless your machine is on a good UPS, the most likely culprit is
> power.  i.e. temporary power loss or low voltage fluctuation.
> a UPS is good for more than just backup power and shutting down cleanly,
> it's great for regulating the power supply to your computer so you get
> steady clean power without any spikes or dips.

very OT, but I need to complain somewhere... I have problems _caused_ by a
UPS here. 

Every night, the power here creeps just above 255V (should be 240V here in
Aus). This is enough to make my UPS complain and kick in. I have genpowerd
setup to wait 5 mins, then do a controlled shutdown, finally turning off the

Under normal powerfail situations, the UPS will turn the PC on when power
returns. However in this case the power doesn't actually go off, and the UPS
doesn't turn back on when the power creeps back down to normal levels in the

This means the UPS shuts my system down every night and it doesn wake up
until I manually powercycle the UPS. I suspect most UPS's would exibit this
kind of behaviour in this situation, as they would be designed to handle
power losses and brief surges, not long sustained overvoltages.

I've complained to the power companies, and after months of them stuffing
around with the power to no effect, I gave up and took off the UPS. The
system hasn't gone down since, but the power is still going above 255V every

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