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Re: Unexplained rebooting

  If you are notified right after it reboots try checking the
temperature of the CPU and seeing if its either close to warn or shut
down temp in your BIOS. If that's not it and you have extra RAM lying
around you could try swapping the RAM out and seeing if it makes a
On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 02:40:47PM -0800, Wade Richards wrote:
> Hi,
> I realize that this isn't a debian-specific or an ISP-specific issue,
> but I figured that this list is where I'd find the people with the skills
> needed to help solve this problem.
> I leave my debian machine running 24x7, and in the past few months I've
> had 4 unexplained reboots.  The various log files (kern.log, messags,
> syslog, etc) all show nothing interesting (usually nothing at all)
> happening, and then the boot-up messages start.
> Does anyone here have any hints for how I can debug this problem?
> If it is a kernel panic that's causing the problem, is there any way I
> can get that logged?  Any suggestions for tracking down or ruling out
> hardware problems?
> Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.
>     --- Wade
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