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Re: Hardware IDE RAID-1 controller recommandation

Hello Nicolas,

Am 13:47 2002-12-04 +0100 hat Nicolas Bougues geschrieben:

>3ware website lists at least 4 dealers in Germany...

In some minutes I will check it out...

>> >Why on earth would you like to do PIO ? It's awfully slow and
>> >ineffective, compared to DMA...
>> Why use 30 Gigs if a 1 Gig does it...
>Because 30 Gb drives are cheaper and faster than 1 Gb ones...

Hmmm, I have only apache-ssl with php4 installed and it is a server
for administration where users can set there propreties...

So, no speed required for the Harddisks...

>If what you require is only a small drive, and you don't have too much
>I/O on it (basically serving webpages is OK, SQL is not), did you
>consider using CF cards ?

I have no experience with compactflasch and my local dealers
can not give me informations about it...

Suggestins ?
Hardware requirements ?

I have completly 5 small Servers like this one...

>You can get 256 Mb or more for about 100 Euros. Once you get a cheap
>CF-to-IDE adapter (something like 20 Euros), you plug them as IDE

Oh yes !!! I have seen it on eBay.de

>drives. Very reliable (almost no need for mirroring), almost zero
>power consumption, no noise, no heat.

Thats a realy great idea...

>The only drawbacks are :
>- capacity (but as you said, for lots of tasks, that's not a problem)
>- PIO only. Thus quite slow, about 1 MByte/sec.

Thats dfast for the servers ;-))


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