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apache php perl


I'm aiming to use PHP and Perl with Apache, in a suexec environment.
The problem I am running into is that mod_php doesn't work with
suexec, so I am forced to use php-cgi.  Suexec is compiled with
'/usr/lib/cgi-bin' as its root directory, so even if the interpreter
for php4 is in this directory, when Perl scripts are run Suexec
complains because they are not in this root (they're in the users'
home directory under /cgi-bin/).

Since I can have only one root for suexec, I would have to make that
root general enough to contain both directories.  It seems that
setting the root to '/' is a bad idea.

Would compiling php into apache solve this problem?  I could then
set suexec root to something like '/home/www', which contains all the
actual scripts to be run in the suexec container?

If I put the perl interpreter into '/usr/lib/cgi-bin', and also set
suexec root to this, would that be the best solution?

Thank you all for any insight on how to do this in the most secure


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