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Hello Russell 

On 28 Nov 2002 at 13:52, Russell Coker wrote:

> On Thu, 28 Nov 2002 13:15, I. Forbes wrote:
> > - If you have a "glitch" on a drive the raid will mark the partition
> > as defective possibly when there is no permanent damage. You have to
> > reboot the server before you can attempt to bring this partition back
> > on line. Once rebooted you can attempt to re-sync the drives.
> That is strange.  On many occasions I have had a transient error or a failing 
> drive drop out of a RAID but then work fine when I ran raidhotadd...

In my experience, if the drive dropped out due to an error,  you have 
to reboot the machine before raidhotadd will attempt to remount it. 
(This may vary between kernel versions.)
> > Be very careful to set-up and check your cron scripts. If a drive
> > fails, you need the machine to send an e-mail to an address where you
> > know it is going to be read and acted upon! You do not want that e-
> > mail buried in 1000 other system warnings that get deleted without
> > being read.
> The raidtools2 package comes with a cron script that does well in this regard.

The e-mail generated from raidtools2 is imbedded in the "cron.daily" 
report. If you have a bunch of programs that get run by cron.daily 
and generate a lot of output, a critical raid disk warning can get 
lost in the noise.

I have modified my cron scripts to send a second e-mail directly to 
an address that does not normally get any system messages. This one 
can be cc'd to the client if need be. They like that kind of 


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