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On Wed, 27 Nov 2002 23:30, Jones, Steven wrote:
> http://www.promise.com/product/product_detail_eng.asp?productId=93&familyId
>= 7
> i was actually looking at one of these.
> For my simpler needs, data protection is important but there isnt lots of
> it so 2 x 20 gig disks mirrored is heaps. I would like to keep the uptime
> up, so was thinking of this solution, anybody tried one? Its for my web
> server with all of a 128k connection so sucky performance isnt an issue as
> its bugger all hits.

If you only need RAID-1 then software RAID is probably best.  It's cheapest 
and provides much better performance than most hardware RAID's.  Also if you 
only need 20G of storage then you still may want to consider 120G drives, 
they are much faster than 20G drives.

> However for another job Im thinking of elsewhere (a 2 node cluster) though
> it would be a disaster. 3meg a sec just wont cut it, i can get 16 meg off a
> second hand scsi setup for the same dosh.

You can get 40 meg from a software RAID-1 on IDE drives more easily and 

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