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On Sun, Nov 24, 2002 at 10:35:37AM -0800, Jeremy Zawodny wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 24, 2002 at 06:56:34PM +0100, ????? ????? wrote:
> > About performance - IDE still uses a lot of the CPU
> now that most servers are far faster than that, we're talking about
> what, 1% or maybe 2% of the CPU?

on my 700 MHz workstation I see up to 30% used by disk I/O.

> It's probably more than worth the cost savings on the SCSI premium.

Wrt. reliability, my experience shows - for me - that a SCSI drive
lasts 5 years, and an IDE drive lasts 1 year, given similar load
(if not even heavier on the SCSI side). So imho it's worth that
premium for the savings in trouble. Please also compare vendor's
warranty statements. While you don't want to exercise them, their
recent reductions on the IDE side shows their different trust
for these product lines.


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