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About performance - IDE still uses a lot of the CPU, SCSI has it's own
processing power. You can put a lot more disks on a single SCSI
controler, than on a IDE controler, and there (afaik, i could be
mistaken) two drives on one bus cannot work simultaneously and share the
bandwidth (which isn't a problem with SCSI, if you have 160 MB/s bus,
and 3 disks that can make about 40MB/s, you can have all 120MB/s)

And maybe i should say something about the reliability, SCSI disks don't
die that often, compared to IDE drives, while being used a lot 24x7.

На нд, 2002-11-24 в 18:38, Scott записа:
> After some talks with the person who handles the books she has given me 
> the authority to bail on these Netfinity boxes and get something more 
> supported by Debian.  My question is:  with IDE drives as fast as they are 
> now does it really pay to go SCSI?  Are there any benefits besides RAID?
> I understand fault tolerance, but how about performance?

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