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I can tell you that for the last 10 years, I've been using all SCSI
equipment in all the systems I've built.  I have yet to be disappointed with
the the stuff even though it tends to cost more.  They are MUCH more
flexibility than IDE systems, and despite all the additions to IDE like
DMA/UDMA, etc...  I am still the happiest with the SCSI systems.  In fact my
daughter is now using the first system I ever put SCSI into 10 years ago
with the same drives and the same controller and it's doing nicely.  Every
time they come out with the next generation IDE stuff I always buy one or
two and test it agains the latest SCSI stuff and I have yet to be
disappointed with the SCSI hardware.  I used to do alot of CD burning and
SCSI drives were the only thing that could keep up.  At the time, they
simply didn't make any IDE drives that could operate for extended periods
without doing thermal head recalibration which consequently meant a buffer
underrun.  Of course, now days that's no longer a problem but it always
seems like the latest features and technology appear in SCSI devices first.


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> After some talks with the person who handles the books she has given me
> the authority to bail on these Netfinity boxes and get something more
> supported by Debian.  My question is:  with IDE drives as fast as they are
> now does it really pay to go SCSI?  Are there any benefits besides RAID?
> I understand fault tolerance, but how about performance?
> Thanks,
> -Scott
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