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On Mon, 25 Nov 2002 06:38, Scott wrote:
> After some talks with the person who handles the books she has given me
> the authority to bail on these Netfinity boxes and get something more
> supported by Debian.  My question is:  with IDE drives as fast as they are
> now does it really pay to go SCSI?  Are there any benefits besides RAID?
> I understand fault tolerance, but how about performance?
> Thanks,
> -Scott

I would be grateful if you cold document why / what probs you are having wiht 
the net infinity kit (for future reference).

Ide is obviously way cheaper than Scsi, You can go ide raid, which Ive not 
tried yet, but it would give a mirror whcih is what you want really (read 
performance will be a bit better too).

Does the load justify scsi? if its not hammered then hardware ide raid is 
probably fine.



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