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Re: DNS servers

Hi All,

I think this thread is becoming less a thread about which nameserver to
use and more people defending the time, money and effort they have
spent learning/writing the particular software package they use.

Of course nobody is going to instantly change their software package and
have to re-learn how it is implemented in the new one. People should
certainly be aware about what is available and feel free to try other
pieces of software but nobody is obligated to use one or the other. People
must accept that different people have different needs (tastes even) and
so may use something else. A comprehensive analysis of what is required in
*your* organisation is needed, then pick software based on that. And if
someone else likes something else, then fine, good for him/her. They may
have different requirements.

To conclude, nobody is forcing anyone to use one software package or the
other. Cool headed analysis is required, not name calling.

Cheers, Fred.

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