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Re: DNS servers

Hi Mr Craig                                       >@2002.11.22_14:51:18_+0200

> > Sanders claims that I'm telling people to ignore the possibility of
> that's *Mr* Sanders to you, scumbag.
> i find your tone to be annoying and insulting, welcome to my killfile.
> that will be all.


even though i did enjoy reading your message i think running the Buggy
Internet Name Daemon is like kicking a dead whale down the beach.. not very

i like djbdns.

i dont edit the data file by hand, i have an LDAP interface which makes
administration a pleasure.

the question is very simple: would'nt it be nice if nobody had to worry
about BIND exploits ?

DJB for president (;


          'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.'
                                 - Leonardo da Vinci
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