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Re: DNS servers

Hello all,

Craig Sanders wrote:

btw, i have learnt the tinydns-data format.  i know how it works, i can
read it and i can write it.  i simply don't like it. i consider it to be
ugly and error-prone, so i don't use djbdns.

Thats one of the best opinions I read in this discussion. It shows very much that no tech discussion but a taste discussion is held here.

Some like big config files with lots of options in it.
Other like small config files with (almost) no option.
And another group like magic file names like DJB's software uses.

That's a matter of taste. And that can't be discussed. I for myself love qmail (although it took me 4 long days to set up a very small simple site a few years ago. I just didn't get the right view for the files the first 3.5 days). But that's a matter of taste. I for myself find the configuration via magic filenames really nice. Much better than diving into a config file like sendmail.cf (which I had to before because there weren't config files for the special programs I had to use to some obscure reason). But that's a matter of taste.


PS: I know, I repeated a sentence some times, but perhaps the religeous war can be stopped on the list ...

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