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Re: Trendmicro InterScan VirusWall on Woody


On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 09:12:02PM +0100, Andraz Sraka wrote:
> I'm trying to install InterScan VirusWall 3.7 on one woody box, for

I've recently installed Trend's InterScan on a BSD box using
their Linux emu, but overall found the following problems
with the Trend software:

- They insist on using their config programs and also their
  daemons (closed source, vulnerable as far as my reading of
  bugtraq goes).
- Unverifiable performance, compatibility and security on behalf of
  their proxy servers they want to force upon you.
- Unwillingness to listen to users and "we don't support X" policy,
  so even if you paid for it (I did), they say something like
  "reinstall RedHat, we don't support Debian/BSD/...".

I've cooked up some scripts to fetch their latest virus patterns
to run with qmailscanner and vscan - that's what I bought it for.
Unfortunately, just after I talked to them and mentioned that I
don't give a damn for their bloody daemons and only need a functional
vscan for my purposes wrt. systems' integration, they started to
shift the ways to download a pattern, so now every few days, there's
a new way, server, place, method to find out which virus patterns
you need, and how to get at it. Unfortunately, there is no kind of
integrity check for the pattern file, so if you fetch one and it
becomes damaged (ie, line problem during download), your virus
server stops functioning. There is no test mode. Talking to them
about vscan yielded: "vscan is only packaged as a toy and completely
unsupported." (read: They will probably take it out in their next

For me the result is that I'll drop Trend at the earliest possible
point and switch to a different vendor of anti-virus software.
There are vendors that seem to support OpenBSD as well as Debian
out of the box.


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