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Re: DNS servers


On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 11:55:53PM +0100, Russell Coker wrote:
> Many people recommended DJBDNS (both on and off list).  I have read the 
> following paper which leads me to believe that DJBDNS is slow and has other 
> deficiencies.  Brad is someone I have a lot of faith in, so I am not even 
> going to bother reading DJB's response to this paper.
> http://www.shub-internet.org/brad/papers/dnscomparison/

I've been pointed to this paper yesterday and made the effort to
read it. It's by no means a fair comparison and contains a large
number of wrong statements about djbdns' problems. If anyone is
interested, I volunteer to dissect the paper and point out the
errors in it. If you want an adversary's opinion, take a look


or just start here:


for more opinions on DNS and specific technical and political
aspects, also on IPv6.

FWIW, after reading both sides of this onslaught, I have the very
strong feeling that this is less a matter of technical merit but
heavy mud slinging because of clashing personalities.

I'm very interested to get to know what person this Brad Knowles
is, and how/why he has earned the trust you put in him. I mean,
the limits of DJB and his software are well understood, but
Brad Knowles is a stranger to me - yet.


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