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Re: Correcting permissions on files

Scott St. John wrote:
Hi gang,

The Debian box has been a true blessing this week and I am ready to
move our users off BSDi/Sendmail to our new Debian/Postfix box.  I have
the accounts in the system, but am curious if anyone has some tips on
scripting a way to fix permissions on home directories and files once the
accounts are on the new server.

I am using ncftp to bring the user home directories over to the new server
and need to fix the owner/permission on each home directory and then
also do the same when I bring their email over.

Any thoughts?



1) Don't use ftp; mount the drive via NFS. This won't cause permission problems. 2) If you need to use FTP, create a big tar(.gz/.bz2) file and copy that file. This will also allow you to preserve permissions. If you don't have enough diskspace to create this file, pipe it through an ssh-tunnel so you won't need any additional diskspace.

If both are not possible, I'm afraid you'll have to script something yourself.

Maarten Vink

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