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Re: virtual domains and mailman with Postfix

Russell Coker wrote:
> help message).  But if I send mail from outside the network I get the
> following:
> <testing-request@server.example.com>: mail for server.example.com loops back
> to myself
> Now lists.example.com is a CNAME pointing to server.example.com.
> So why is mail sent from the local machine with mailx working, while a message
> sent on port 25 with the same content is rejected?

External MTA are rewriting (canonifying) *@lists.example.com to *@server.example.com
because of the CNAME pointing to it. So your postfix will never see any
*@lists.example.com addresses.

RFC 2181
10.3. MX and NS records
    The domain name used as [...] part of
    the value of a MX resource record must not be an alias.

So it's best to change the DNS records:
server.example.com  IN A  w.x.y.z.
lists.example.com   IN MX server.example.com.


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