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Configuring ISDN Dial-In

Dear list,


I have a Debian box with and an ISDN card and would like to allow other people to dial into my Debian PC in order to use services (i.e. Telnet, whatever).


Does anyone have a hint where I can find some documentation? All I could find was tutorials about how to dial-out to some ISP using ISDN.


Actually, I got ISDN set up to the point that I can dial out; I also believe I have configured dial-in; just it does not work an I don’t know why. When clients try to dial the box picks up and hangs up again immediately. In the /var/log/syslog I can see a message like “Cannot bind to free ipppd connection” or so.


Any hints are welcome. Is there some type of checklist I want to go through? Is it an issue to use the thow channels of an ISDN card one to dial out and the other to allow dial-in?




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