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Re: Mrtg how?

On Wednesday, September 4, 2002, at 08:58 PM, Elcio Mello wrote:

Hi people,

I have about 1000 interfaces snmp that I need to monitor their traffic.
I have ever try to use mrtg tool on a PIII 1GHz or a SUN, but it is impossible, the cpu can't do it, the processing is very hard. I would like to know if there is a mrtg alternative, or if there is a magic to make the mrtg to do it.

Anyone use mrtg to monitor a traffic of a lot of interfaces?
Anyone can help me, please?

Use either Cricket or NRG (http://nrg.hep.wisc.edu/). I used NRG simply because it was easier to set up, and adding a host to it was as simple as adding a line to a config file ...

Whatever you do, it will need to be based around RRDtool, because MRTG generates the graphs every 5 minutes whether someone looks at them or not, whereas the CGi in RRDtool only generates the graphs when you look at them.


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