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Re: Spam Assassin

I'm using Spamassassin, interfaced with exim to filter before delivery to local users. It works really well -- it catches 40-50% of incoming mail (for about 7 users total) as spam, with a false-positive rate of way less than 1%. I've seen a slight increase lately in spams that slip through, but typically my inbox gets three or four a day, which still isn't too bad. I dump all the suspected spam into a separate mailbox, which I check every couple of days by scanning the combination of subject line and sender. When I do that check, I may find one or two messages out of several hundred that I forward on as likely "real" email.


--On Tuesday, September 03, 2002 12:59 PM +0200 Craig <craigsc@zdata.co.za> wrote:

Hi fellows

Wanted to get the general impression of how well Spam Assassin
works in eliminating Spam and if there are any other packages
we should be looking into.


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