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Re: ISP shopping list


Am 22:30 01/09/02 +0200 hat Russell Coker geschrieben:
>On Fri, 30 Aug 2002 09:13, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>> I use only Debian-Packages vor my ISP. A realy good choice.
>> Only the gateway between UUnet (8/34MBit Frame-Relay) and
>> my own Subnet-Router is a CISCO.
>You can probably use Linux boxen for that too.  One of my clients has
a Linux 
>machine as a frame relay router.  The Linux box is great, ET wasn't a good 
>choice for the frame card though.

Sorry, it was an error by me...

The UUnet-Access System is a CISCO-Router because I dont like to 
get a smoking head about Frame-Relay which I had already installed 
(it is a Debian Package) and it is connected to my Subnet-Router 
(4 subnets) which runs SLINK like

UUnet   ------CISCO-----------------eth0-SLINK-eth1 pulicnet      /192
  ^                       ^                ^   eth2 privatenet    /224
  |                       |                |   eth3 securenet     /240
  |                       |                |   eth4 wavenet       /128
FrameRelay             100 MBit      subnetrouter


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