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Re: ISP shopping list


I use only Debian-Packages vor my ISP. A realy good choice.
Only the gateway between UUnet (8/34MBit Frame-Relay) and 
my own Subnet-Router is a CISCO. 

Am 12:01 27/08/02 -0500 hat Andy Gardner geschrieben:

>Of course, if the terrain allows it, and to prevent them being ripped off
>by the local telco for over-priced trunks, you'd be better off setting up a
>wireless network (maybe hopping between users houses to extend the range) -
>once installed all it costs is the power to run the stuff. NO MORE TELCO

I use Lucent ORINOCO WaveLAN.

        1 Central-Outdoor-Router        COR-1100

        6 Remote-Outdoor-Router         ROR-1100
          (in a distance of 500-2000 meters to 
           the COR-1100 with 14dbi YAGI-Antennas)

        118 Access-Clients
            (because I use the half of my C-Block 
             for the Access-Clients and 7 IP's for 
             configuring the Outdoor-Routers)

All Access-Clients have full 128 kBit access to the net. 

Please note, that the ORINOCO make effectiv around 7 MBit/sec 
if you use YAGI-Antennas betweent the ROR and COR, 25mW-WAVE-
LAN-Cards (35mW are not alowed with the YAGI's) and the Clients 
use a small 2dbi Indoor-Antenna. 

If the clients use the YAGI-Antenna too, they can have a distance 
up to 1500 meters to the ROR. 

This means, you can have Clients in a effectiv distance up to 
3500 meters... - Interesting ???

Have a nice Day


P.S.:   Now because ADSL I will give up in Germany and France 
        and I will go to turkey ;-))

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