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Re: semi-long distance links

On Wed, Aug 28, 2002 at 12:02:49AM -0300, Carlos Barros wrote:
> Hello!
> 	To make a network between 2 sites in a MAN or WAN the posibilities
> would be:
> 	- cabling (leased lines, fiber optic)
> 	- air waves (microwaves, ax25, packet...)
> 	- any provider providing the link via cabling or airwaves or
> 	satelite
> 	Wavelan/Orinoco cards can make a link about 15km. 
> 	Which tecnologies are available to make a link of ~200 kilometers
> with speed at least 64kbps? 
> Where can I find more info about this class of networks?
> Im looking for the tecnology not to get the service.

If some wireless solution exists, it's definetly in a regulated
spectrum area and/or power level. 

And you probably don't want to have to handle administrative
regulatory issues (if it is at all possible to get a license in your
country). Furthermore, this kind of equipment is very expensive,
requires a nice installation place (like a cell tower, for instance),
and is pretty tricky to set up.

If I were you, I'd order a DS0 from the telco. Or use another
technology, depending on your requirements (permanent link ? heavy
traffic ?), and technical possibilities (VPN, Frame relay, X25,

Nicolas Bougues
Axialys Interactive

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